Business Incubation: \busi·ness in·cu·ba·tion\ [Middle English businesse, from bisi, busy. See busy.] [Middle English, bud, from Old French germe, from Latin germen. See gen- in Indo-European Roots.] Synonyms: evolution, fecundation, gravidity, growth, incubation, maturation, pregnancy, reproduction, ripening, situation; Definition: 1.The act of incubating a new business or the state of being incubated. 2. The maintenance of controlled environmental conditions in a web site for the purpose of favoring the growth or development of brand awareness across the Internet and maximum search engine positions. 3. The development of an infection from the time the pathogen enters the body until signs or symptoms first appear. 4. The maintenance of a web site, especially a premature site, in an environment of controlled content delivery, structural integration technologies, and directed link concentration in order to provide optimal conditions for growth and development. 5. The development of an online business from the time the first customer enters the web site until dominant rankings or customer conversions first appear. 6.The development of an internet brand from its causes, or its period of incubation.


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Incubation Samples: \inc·u·ba·tion sam·ples\ Businesses managed, optimized and branded by The Germ Factory:
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